Why you should get your free report
The Directories Report shows where your business is listed, how it is listed, and also where you are not listed. The purpose of this report is to identify citation acquisition problems, allowing them to be fixed successfully. Google looks at the consistency of your NAP (Name, Address and Phone #).

The more consistent it is, the more trust Google has in your  business, and this will typically result in a higher ranking. Creating consistencies across all directories has proven to be difficult, given all the different data aggregates and data entry points in use these days.

It is important that your NAP matches exactly across all directories. We have identified any inconsistencies in your NAP by highlighting   them in the name column, address column, or phone column. To remedy inconsistencies, simply go to that particular directory or site and edit your data. If we do not find your listing in a business directory, it may be that we could not find your NAP data or that we could not identify NAP data as belonging to you because of NAP inaccuracies.

There are circumstances where a site might only post your name and URL, without your address or phone number. This is not considered a true citation. In this case, the report indicates a red X for “not present” even though a partial NAP exists.